SeaLife Micro 2.0 Underwater Digital Camera WiFi 64GB

SeaLife Micro 2.0 Underwater Digital Camera WiFi 64GB

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SeaLife announced their latest addition to the Micro camera series, the Micro 2.0 underwater camera at the DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association) trade show. The successor to the Micro HD, the compact Micro 2.0 is also fully sealed and flood-proof down to 200ft/60m. With no O-rings or doors to maintain the Micro 2.0 camera comes fully equipped with powerful 3+ hour internal rechargeable battery and 64GB of internal memory. The Micro 2.0 features a 16MP SONY CMOS image sensor providing stunningly vibrant stills as well as sharp full HD videos with 1080p HD @ 60 frames per second or 1296 HD @ 30fps. The 130 wide angle fisheye lens allows you to get close and fit everything into the scene. Color correction filters are not necessary. Choose between four Land and Sea scene modes with three built-in underwater color corrections for diving or snorkeling, and by depth or lighting being used. Youll never miss the shot with the fast shutter response time and one-touch video recording. The cameras lens focuses as close as one foot (12 inches/30cm), that distance can be cut in half with an optional Macro close-up lens. Ergonomic and compact at around 4 inches wide with a large 2.4 color LCD screen, the Micro 2.0 has three Piano Key controls that control all the cameras essential functions, the large keys make it easy to operate with or without dive gloves. The Micro 2.0 includes two shooting modes: time lapse shooting and upside-down shooting. Time lapse shooting mode saves the footage as a video file or a series of still images based on the set time interval. The upside-down shooting mode corrects pictures and videos to an upright position when mounted upside down. The SeaLife Micro 2.0 is available with 64GB of internal memory, the 64GB model is capable of storing up to 25,000+ 16MP still images or 12+ hours full 1080P HD video while the Micro 2.0s large internal 3.7V 2350 mAh battery will easily last for a full day of active u


  • Micro 2.0 camera 64GB Wi-Fi
  • Adjustable wrist strap (SL50102)
  • Lens Cap (SL50113)
  • USB cable adapter (SL50103)
  • USB cable (3ft /90 cm) (SL51004)

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